Travel Update | France N°2

As you may know I am currently in France, here are some photos of what I got up to after my trip to Ceillac, France (see Travel Update N°1 post for photos of that). Next on my adventures I spent a little under a week in Normandy! This was a total change of scenery from the mountains in Ceillac but it was just as amazing. Normandy is located on north coast of France. There are many quaint fishing villages and long, beautiful beaches. Normandy is also quite a special place Canadians because during World War 2 many Canadians fought and died in the Battle of Normandy. I was very happy to get to spend some time in this wonderful part of France.

Cathédrale du Mans in Le Mans, France
American and Canadian War Memorial in Normandy, France
Plage de Omaha in Normandy, France
Plage de Omaha in Normandy, France


A small town in Normandy, France
Saint-Malo in Normandy, France

Keep an eye out for my third travel update where I be posting about my time in Paris! (spoiler: I felt like one of the Olsen Twins in Passport to Paris, so amazing!)

- e.b

Fashion Edit | Daily Look ft. LBD

Today I will be sharing a new fashion edit featuring products from who has inspired me to create the perfect vacation look for spring 2015 in their LBD Spring Break Style Challenge! Here I will be showing you my ideal vacation look featuring my favourite little black dress from Daily Look’s Little Black Dress Collection !

Here I chose a casual and put together look that also has a warm vibe and a bright lip for a pop of colour.

I’m a firm believer that every woman needs the perfect little black dress in their wardrobe, it’s such an easy and classic go-to look that everyone can pull off. I chose the Richie Shift Dress from Daily Look for the base of my outfit. This dress is quite simple which means it won’t look weighed down when pared with accessories. I think in this case a comfortable and loose fitting dress is key for a vacation look.

Next I matched the dress with subtle nude heals. Although they might not be ideal for walking around on the beach they do make a beautiful statement by elongating the legs and sticking to the classic look; perfect for a night out on your holidays.

Following that trend I picked a beige tote bag because of it’s simplicity and ability to carry all the essentials that you might need (like a Vogue magazine- a vacation ESSENTIAL!).

I live in Canada, so even when the weather is warmer there is still a bit of a cold breeze most of the time. That is why I added a classic jean jacket to this look that can be layered on top of the LBD for the perfect, casual touch.

Now for accessories I chose a pare of trendy sunglasses, another obvious vacation staple, along with a simple watch to give an element of effort on the accessory front while staying with the theme of the look. I must say I adore this watch!

Lastly for makeup I chose to include my favourite wing liner (Kat Von D Tattoo Liner) and a super bright pink lip that will really pull the entire look together. Because it is a simple look, a bright lip will really add a little something special to the look and polish it off.

Now that you have the perfect look for vacation it’s time to relax and  enjoy your time… while looking amazing! Let my know your go-to vacation look, I would love to hear them! A special thanks to for their great inspiration and beautiful products! If you don’t already have your perfect LBD… it’s time.

– e.b

Review | Lorac Pro Palette


This product has swept over the beauty community creating continuous hype for what feels like years now. I have heard many say that the Lorac Pro Palette is their go-to eye shadow palette which is quite a statement considering all the amazing palettes on the market. The eye shadow lover inside of me wanted to try this product out so bad but I knew I didn’t need it despite how much I wanted it so I resisted from adding it to my shopping list. However, I very kindly received this as a Christmas gift from my lovely sister which means I’ve been putting it to the test for two months now to tell you if it really is worth the hype. (PS I think it is!)



Let’s start with the price and packaging before we get into the actual shadows. Sadly I believe this isn’t sold in Canada anymore (who the heck knows why!) but it can be ordered from the United States or any other Lorac/Sephora stores. It retails for 42.00$USA which is pretty good when compared to other Sephora brand palettes like the Naked palettes which are marked at a whopping 64.00$. Also keeping in mind the fact that this includes 16 shadows…16! It comes with a small eye shadow primer which is a nice bonus as well. The packaging is very sleek, light, and thin with a magnetic close which I have found ideal for travelling. 10/10 so far!


Now for the shadows! Like mentioned before, there are 16 colours; 8 being matte and the other 8 having a frosted or shimmery finish. I think it’s unique for a palette to include so many matte shades which is something that lacks on the makeup market. The colour ranges from warm to cool shades to flatter every skin tone. It also includes lovely light colours for day-to-day wear as well as very dark and pigmented shades for the perfect smokey eye. One thing that has really blown me away about this palette is the bendability of the shadows. Especially with the primer, they smooth over the lids and blend out like a dream.


There is however one small flaw with this palette and that is the fact that there is some defiant fallout with the shadows. Not so much the matte ones but the shimmers and frosted shadows have a tendency to fall down onto my cheek when I am packing them on. This isn’t a huge draw back but it is something to be aware of when using them. Overall I would say that they have a smooth consistency with no streaking when being blended as well as good colour payoff that can be built up for a more dramatic look. I recommend applying these shadows in light layers to avoid the fall out situation but other than that these are pretty fool proof to use! Below are some swatch (dry); the first picture being the row of mattes and the second being the row of shimmers.

  056 058

So the remaining question is: is the Lorac Pro Palette worth the hype? I say yes! I think that the selection of colours and finishes is impressive and unique to others on the market. I thought I didn’t need this added to my collection but I can honestly say I reach for it every day. Also if that isn’t enough to convince you then just know that this is the only palette I brought on my three month trip to Europe which says a lot. If you are someone who is just starting out with makeup or a makeup enthusiast I think this palette can provide a little something extra to your collection. It balances the idea of including basics as well as some unique shades, perfectly tied up with a consistent formula and performance. It’s safe to say you can now add this to your wish list!

- e.b

Travel Update | France N°1

Hello lovely people of the internet! I’m sure you can tell from the title of this post that I have some exciting news to share; I am currently in France! I’ll apologize now for the lack of posts recently but my life has been crazy as of late! Seeing as though this is a ‘Beauty, Fashion, and Lifestyle’ blog I thought I would start a little traveling series here on my blog that I’m calling “Guided Wandering” where I will share photos and experiences from my travels. This is the first travel update of many that I will be posting over the next three months but I also hope to still post beauty and fashion posts with the free time I have (I’m guessing they will be French inspired which is exciting!). So without further ado here is my first travel update of my France 2015 trip!

I started my French travels in Ceillac, France which is located in the south/east French Alps. All the photos below are taken in Ceillac where I spent my first week; some are taken with my iPhone (yes I know… very professional) and some with my Canon Rebel T2i. This travel update only really consists of photos with short captions but let me know if you would like a more of a written post sharing my stories (I already have some funny ones) and what I have been getting up to. But right now let us all just take a moment to appreciate the beauty that is the mountains, like oh my gosh I feel like I’m living in a postcard!

Small village in Ceillac, France.


View overlooking the top of the ski hill in Ceillac, France.
FRNC - 163
A constant coffee break, side note: the coffee is much better here. YUM.
A view of the village where I was staying.


The drive home (to Grenoble where I am staying).

Stay tuned to see where and what I got up to next! Au revoir pour maintenant!

- e.b

How To | Quick Curls


This is a super quick and simple hair style featuring a lovely gold hair clip. This look can be worn at a special occasion or for a casual day out! Honestly this hair style is fool-proof and something I find myself constantly doing when I want to put a little extra effort into my hair. Enjoy!

First I simply sectioned my hair from the bottom layer and top layer. I clipped the top layer up to start curling the bottom. I always curl my hair this way because I find it is easier to handle. I have quite thin hair so if you have thicker hair or more layers you might want to split your hair into more sections that just two. For my curling method I simply start with the sections closest to my face and curl them in the direction away from my face. I find this is more flattering for them to being curling in that direction. Next I take the pieces beside the ones I just curled and curl them in the opposite direction. Next I repeat this process, switching the direction that the hair is being curled with each new small section. Next I do the same to the top layer of my hair.


Next I take my Lilla Rose Flexi Clip and pull back the curls on the top layer/side of my head. I pull these pieces back and clip them in a half-up hair do. Then I give my hair a bit of texture by pulling out a couple of curls around my face, including my bangs. Then I spray my hair with a generous amount of hair spray to hold everything in place.


010 - Copy

Now let’s talk a little bit about this lovely hair product! This unique hair clip is by the brand Lila Rose who specialize in hair accessories. This clip is called a Flexi Clip which acts as a hair clip but in a more fashionable way. There are many different sizes to choose from which varies depending on the thickness of your hair as well as the type of look you wish to achieve. Here I am using the XS size which is perfect for thin hair and creating a half up hairstyle. There are many different designs to choose from in each size category. These clips are very quick and easy to use and can really transform a look. They are unique to other hair clips because of how they are fastened, shown in the picture below. I recommend this product to any hair accessories lovers out there and will leave a link below to where you can get your very own Flexi Clip!



I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial and demonstration on this new product I have stumbled upon which I just had to share with the world! Let me know if any of you guys have gotten your hands on these beautiful hair accessories!

- e.b

2014 Product Favourites

2013 PF - 88

In the beauty community when the year comes to an end there seems to an abundance of bloggers posting their product favourites from the year past, which is something I always look forward too. Hearing everyone’s top product picks that have stuck with them throughout the whole year, enough so to make their favourites list, really says a lot about that product! I haven’t picked a product from every makeup category for the sake of keeping this post from getting too long but I did pick 14 of the products that have stuck out to me this year and that I grab for daily. Whether these are new releases or just new to me here are my 2014 product favourites, all the way from skincare to makeup. This is a lengthy post so grab a cup of coffee, settle in, and enjoy!

 2014 PF - 77

First up is skin care! In 2013 I promised myself to take better care of my skin and now I have become hooked on trying the latest and the greatest on skin care market. I have tried many new, wonderful, skin products over the course of 2014 but somehow I managed to narrow down my favourites to 3. First is the Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief cream, which I use at my nighttime moisturizer. I have talked about this product on my blog before but man oh man I can’t say enough good things about it. It has a lovely gel like constancy and leaves my skin feeling more plump and nourished than any other moisturizer I have used before. Next up is an eye cream that has become a holy grail product of mine, the Orgins Gin Zing eye cream. I have already gone through 2 pots of this through one year and I know I will go through many more! It has a salmon pink colour that brightens, awakens, and keeps the under eye moisturized. Now on to a cult favourite in the beauty community… Bioderma. This is my go-to makeup remover which takes off 99% of my makeup before I wash my face. It has no scent and doesn’t irritate my skin at all, such a beautiful product!

2014 PF - 11

Now onto face product favourites including a base, concealer and a powder. Let’s talk about the Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream. I got this full size product in the 2013 product favourites kit and I am so happy I did! It is the best BB cream I have tried because it has SPF 35 and wonderful coverage. Usually I find BB creams to leave a greasy feeling on the skin but this leaves a lovely finish, I recommend it to everyone! Now a product I discovered this year that has to be one of my favourites out of the bunch; the NARS Creamy Concealer. I use the shade Vanilla and it is perfect for under the eyes, on blemishes, or anywhere you want extra coverage. It is super blendable, long-lasting and will honestly cover up anything. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. This year is my MAC addiction has really taken flight but this is a product is one I have been using, and loving, for 2 years now. The MAC Studio Fix Powder has got to be the best setting powder I have ever tried. It leaves a matte, but not cakey finish and gives great coverage even when wearing it on its own.

2014 PF - 33

Yay onto eye products! As many of my makeup tutorials show I love a good winged eyeliner look and what I use almost every time is the Kay Von D Tattoo Liner. This eyeliner pen is veryyyyy black and extremely long-lasting! The pen tip isn’t a felt tip but an actual brush which means it doesn’t get dull and gives you a beautiful, precise line every time! Even though it is a bit pricey is it a great product that is worth every dollar! Next is my favourite eye brow product which is MAC Omega Eyshadow. It is the perfect brown shade to fill in your brows (or as an eye shadow shade on the lids) that isn’t too orange like most brown powders are. It is great for people with light hair colour and gives the loveliest, soft looking brows. Now for my favourite eye shadow pick, which was a tough on for me. But instead of putting in an entire palette I picked my favourite single eye shadow which is the L’Oreal Infallible Eye Shadow in Amber Rush. This drugstore pick is as good or even better than a lot of my high-end shadows. It is so buttery smooth and blends like a dream. This colour especially is my favourite because it is the perfect rose gold shade that when packed on gives a beautiful effect, but all the colours from this line are gorgeous! And great if you’re on a budget.

2014 PF - 55

Next is lip products, my favourite category! Here I have my two favourites of the year starting with a lipstick I have been using since 2012 and continue to love to this day, which is the MAC Lipstick in Syrup. This MAC lipstick has a Lustre finish which is my favourite finish from MACs lipsticks because it is so easy to apply and so fuss-free. This shade in particular I find to be so flattering on everyone. It is a “my lips but better shade” but which a bit more of a punch. I have got my mom, sister and two of my friends hooked on this shade and it is one I am drawn to almost everyday. I will buy this until product forever; great formula and such a lovely shade! Now for a recent find of mine which is the Rimmel Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner in East End Snob. This year I have really gotten into using lip liners (usually as lipstick) because the are so long-lasting and precise. This creamy formula leaves an amazing matte finish and is such a lovely, natural pink shade that really finishes off any look.

2014 PF - 44

For brushes the Zoeva line has really stolen the show. I have featured these brushes on my Makeup Brush Essentials post so I won’t go on about them too much but they seriously are amazing! They are very affordable for the such high quality they are made with. They are soft and durable which means they blend the stubbornnest makeup. There is so many different brushes to choose from and they ship worldwide which is a great bonus! Go get some of these, I promise you won’t regret it! Now for a staple of mine that I have used all year which is the Shu Uemura Eye Lash Curler. Even though these have a high price tag they are the be all and end all of eye lash curlers. They keep a curl all day and really get close to the lash line to give those lashes a great lift. Such a staple product in my collection!

2014 PF - 22

Now the best for last, perfume! This is a perfume I got exactly 1 year ago and I haven’t stopped wearing it since. It is the DKNY Pure perfume. I’m not the greatest at describing fragrances but I will give it a try; this perfume is famine but has a very clean and fresh scent. It is warm but very simple and not over powering. It has a vanilla undertone as well as a muskiness to it which I think compliments each other very well. The best words to describe it as is clean but warm. But… with amazing product comes some sad news; it has been discontinued. I couldn’t be more heart-broken about this because it has been my signature scent for a whole year now and I absolutely adore it, but c’est la vie! You can still find this on ebay so get your hands on it while you can!

Woah, I feel like I have been rambling on for ages but that wraps up my all time favourites products of 2014. I hope you have enjoyed this and I am dying to know what your favourites has been this past year so make sure to leave me a comment so I can add them to the wish list!

- e.b

New Year’s Makeup Look

NYML - 12

When I think of New Year’s I think of glitz and glam! It is the one night a year that it is socially acceptable to wear sparkles and I’m for sure not going to pass up on that! Here I will be showing the makeup look that I will be sporting this New Year’s Eve that features lots of glitter and shine!

For the face I starter by applying a good primer and a heavy foundation to make sure my base lasts all night. Next I went in with concealer to contour and highlight my face in the areas that I need it. After that I applied a setting powder which is a step I recommend not skipping because you want to ensure your makeup with stay in place. Next I contoured/bronzed up my face to give it a bit of colour and then applied a very subtle blush. I didn’t go to heavy with the blush and bronzer because I want the eyes to be the main attraction of the look! On my lips a wore a mauvey nude that creates a simple yet put together finish.

For the eyes I starter with a primer to really hold that shadow on. The main shadow I’m using is ‘MAC Pigment in Tan’ which is a beautiful golden shine that can be applied dry or wet. Today I am using it wet to give it more of an intensity which I achieved by lightly spraying my eye shadow brush with a bit of water. Along with the pigment I am using the ‘Dior Amber Glow Diamond Highlighter’ for the inner corners and slightly overtop of the pigment to give an illuminating effect, shown in the picture below.

PicMonkey Collage21213

Now to quickly run through the steps of the eye look. I started by applied my matte transition shade through the crease. I like to do this first because it makes the final product look much more clean and tidy, this is important when working with a pigment. Next I applied the pigment by packing it all over the lid. I held a tissue under my eye while doing this to catch any of the fallout, which is bound to happen when working with a product like this. Next I applied a light shimmer in the inner corner as well as darkened up the outer v with a matte brown shade. This is what brought the look together. Now to finish it off I applied a thin winged liner for definition as well as mascara and fake lashes, yes fake lashes. If there is a time to wear fake lashes it’s new year’s! To finish off the look a ran a bit of the pigment under my lash line for an extra bit of sparkle.

PicMonkey Collage

NYML - 15

There is my finished New Year’s makeup look. It’s a glitzy, long-lasting makeup look that if perfect whether you are going on a night out for New Year’s or just hanging with a couple of friends. Let my know what kind of look you’ll be rocking this New Years, I think a classic red lip with a matte eye would look gorgeous as well! I hope you all have a wonderful start to 2015 and I’m excited for what the year has to bring. There are some new posts to come so keep your eyes peeled for that, as well as an exciting announcement that will be revealed at the end of January! Thanks again for making my 2014 that little bit more wonderful!

- e.b