Josie’s of Wiarton Edit


Putting together outfits while transitioning into another season can be tricky, but here I have 3 summer-to-autumn outfit ideas perfect for day or night! Almost all the pieces shown below are from the wonderful Josie’s – a clothing store in Wiarton, Ontario. This lovely store offers clothing for woman and men that incorporates staple pieces along with trendy items that keep up with styles of that season. So without further adieu here are three outfits put together to be comfortable and chic for those warmer autumn days!

PicMonkey Collage1

To start off here is a casual yet put-together look perfect for back-to-school or work. The main highlight of this outfit is the ‘Silver – Suki Skinny’ printed jeans from Josie’s. These beautiful jeans are thick in material so they provide warmth on cooler days but also can be rolled up to be worn as cropped pants. They have a beautiful navy blue vintage design that add a little extra to your look than just basic denim jeans and also keep up with the trend of prints for this fall 2014 inspired by Marc Jacob. I pared these jeans with a cream color scoop neck shirt. This top is by the brand ‘C’est Moi’ (also from Josie’s) that uses bamboo fibers in their fabric which, let me tell you, makes the fabric so soft and comfortable! Next I just layered a simple black cardigan and a statement necklace, as well as cute flats, to pull the whole outfit together.

PicMonkey Collage2

Next is a outfit for those when the summer sun comes out one last time, perfect for a day out. The shorts are by ‘Kensie’ from Josie’s and have been one of my staple pieces recently. They follow up very nicely with the well-known black & white monochromatic trend for 2014. These shorts are very comfortable and can turn any outfit from plain and boring to fashionable. For this simple look I tucked in a plain white tank and put on a dainty necklace to create an effortless but modern outfit.

PicMonkey Collage3

Last but not least we have a date night appropriate outfit that is feminine and simple. This dress is from the brand ‘Noble U’ also from Josie’s that has that summer pop of colour but is still very flattering in its shape and design. It is a cotton material so it is comfortable and has subtle, large pleated detailing. I pared this dress with an amazing jean jacket by the brand ‘Carreli Jeans’ from Josie’s too. This jean jacket is a must have! It is a perfect length and would suit many different body types because of its style; truly a wonderful piece. Lastly I finished the look off with a pare of nude heels to help elongate the legs and but to not over power the dress.

This was a very fun blog post to make and I hope it has inspired some new outfit ideas for this September. A special thanks to Josie herself for her beautiful store, seriously it is worth checking out if you are in the Bruce Peninsula or Wiarton area!

- e.b


Autumn Playlist


Every time autumn begins to roll around it’s time to ditch the old summer playlists and update them to songs that suit the chilly and crisp feel of fall. Here I have my most current favourites for this coming season, so put on your scarf and combat boots and listens to these upbeat tunes while enjoying the cool autumn breeze! Enjoy!


Back-to-School Makeup Essentials


Well it’s that time of year again… school. Whether you woke up late or you just had P.E class, sometimes your makeup can look a little worse for wear while at school, we’ve all been there. Although there might not be any way or time to redo a full face of makeup at school, a few touch-ups can be a quick fix! So here are a couple backpack essentials for this school year for a quick pick-me-up throughout the day.


Let’s start with what I think is the number one essential for any handbag or backpack and that is a compact powder. Here I have my favourite, MAC Studio Fix Powder, which is ideal for your locker. We’ve all experienced times when our t-zone has gotten oily throughout the day and our face is looking a little shiny but that’s when I reach for my setting powder to touch up. I recommend bringing a compact with a throw-away sponge so you don’t have to carry around a powder brush all the time and to also make sure the compact has a mirror inside, which is key when choosing a powder compact to bring along with you.


Through experience I know there are days where you slept past your alarm because you stayed up late cramming for a math test the night before or let’s face it… there was a Gossip Girl marathon on TV till 1:00am, and your under-eye circles are a little nastier than normal. You’re going to need something to cover up those bad boys with once you get to school and that’s when concealer comes to the rescue! Here I have my favourite concealer which is the NARS Creamy Concealer and in the shade ‘Vanilla’. This concealer will cover ANYTHING and blends in beautifully. Try to pick a concealer with an easy applicator so it is quick and efficient!


Next is perfume. Coming out of gym class isn’t always the most prettiest sight, or smell either. I always make sure I have a rollerball or sample size perfume with me for those kinds of emergencies. If you’re a Sephora lover like me I know you’ll have plenty sample perfumes lying around and now’s the time to use them! Here I have Viktor & Rolf Flower Bomb which is a lovely, girly sent. Perfect for autumn!


Nothing finishes off a look better than a lipstick, but it can be difficult to apply on the go and often is to much for just wearing to school so here I have a sheer lip balm. One of my favourites at the moment is the Maybelline Baby Lips Balm in #25 Pink Punch. Bringing a lip balm with a slight colour payoff is perfect for school because it not only keeps your lips moisturized but also gives you a beautiful wash of colour. Not to mention they are fool proof to apply, seriously you could put this on blindfolded!


The last one might be a bit of a strange choice but trust me it’s a life savor! In my bag for school a always keep an extra set of eyelash curlers, here I have my favourite pair by Shu Uemura. When the day is done and you’re looking a little tired from the school day just giving a quick curl to your lashes you are instantly opening up your eyes and making yourself look more awake. This is perfect if you have somewhere you have to be right after school and you need a quick pick-me-up!

So there are 5 things that I like to bring with me to school and that I will most defiantly be bringing along with me this school year. I hope you learned some new tips for beauty on a time limit and good luck at school, work, or whatever you’re up to this September!



Review : MAC Face and Body Foundation

A review and demo on a new favourite product of mine, the MAC Face and Body Foundation.


I find the MAC foundations to be very hit or miss for people. Sometimes I hear amazing reviews from people who have stuck to there favourite MAC foundation for years and love them to death and then other times I hear of people who dislike all of them and find they break them out. For me personally I am a true MAC foundation lover! The MAC website describes Face and Body Foundation as a “fluid foundation that provides low-to-medium buildable coverage and a flawless, natural satin-shine finish. Skin conditioning, water-resistant and long-wearing.”. I have the 50ml bottle and it is 27.00$CND, very affordable for the amount of product you get.  The packaging is a dream to work with and very practical. It has a squeeze bottle with a small little opening at the top so you don’t get to much product. I also really like that the bottle isn’t glass so I don’t have to worry about it breaking and spilling everywhere while traveling or carry it in your handbag for touch-ups.

PicMonkey Collage

This is a water based foundation so the consistency is very thin and I’ve noticed is best applied with your fingers which I don’t prefer with any other foundation except for this one. In the picture above you can see that my skin tone is very red and I have quite a lot of dark/blue areas under my eyes as well as freckles…everywhere. I am the shade N1, but since it is a very sheer foundation it can be very forgiving if you are a shade off. One thing I have noticed with the MAC foundation is that all the lighter shades run very yellow which I personally like because it helps cancel out my redness but not everyone might like this feature. As seen in the second photo with just one coat of the foundation almost all my redness and dark circles were canceled out but my freckles were still showing through which is nice to see in a foundation because it leaves a very natural look. It took very little product and I found that I didn’t have to spend forever blending in my foundation, which it good for when you’re in a rush but it also means you have to work quickly before the foundation sets. It leaves a very satin looking finish and I usually don’t ever set it with any powder because I don’t feel like it needs it. The foundation feels very lightweight on the skin, when I wear this foundation I forget I even have makeup on! It also lives up to its claim on lasting fairly well and I even find it looks better as the day goes on because it gets a more dewy finish.

In conclusion this is a beautiful, natural looking foundation that is light weight and has a buildable coverage. It is quick and easy to use and looks even better throughout the day. It holds up it’s claims and is relatively good priced for how much product you get and how little you have to use. I feel like it would be very suitable for any skin types. It is so natural looking that it doesn’t even look like your wearing makeup but just that you have flawless skin. I could go on forever with good things to say about this foundation so I think I’m just going  to stop here. Truly a wonderful product from MAC!

- e.b


DIY : Sharpie Mug

This is a super easy DIY that makes a great gift and that is perfect if you’re on a budget!


You will need:

  • Mug
  • Permanent marker
  • Pencil
  • Oven
  • Nail polish remover/rubbing alcohol


For the type of mug you’re choosing I recommend going with a cheep mug because the more expensive the mug is the nicer quality of glaze the porcelain it will have, which for this DIY you don’t want. The whole idea of this DIY is to make the marker stick as well as possible to the mug so a cheep mug is perfect (and better for the wallet too!).

Step 1.

Wash your new mug. This will take all the oils or dirt that could possibly be on the mug which will allow the marker to stick better. Next pick where on the mug you want to do your quote or design and wash that area off with nailpolish remover or rubbing alcohol to again, really make sure the surface is clean. Depending on if you or the person you’re giving this gift to is left or right handed I recommend using the side of the mug that will be shown to the public while it is being used.

Step 2.

Next take your pencil and lightly outline your design how you like it. This is important to do before you go on with the marker in case you make any mistakes. Here I went with some funny quotes that I know my friends will like as well as a little heart at the bottom. Next take your sharpie (black works the best) and go over the pencil outline.

Step 3.

PicMonkey Collage

Now this is the step that is the most important and has to be followed properly to avoid your mug from cracking or breaking. Set your oven to 425 degrees fahernheit and put your mug in right away, do not wait for the oven to preheat first. This allows the mug to gradually get hot so it doesn’t break. Next set a timer for 30 minutes and wait. By baking your mug the marker design will set on the surface of the mug and allow you to use and wash it without the colour to fade.

Step 4.

After 30 minutes, turn off your oven and open it slightly. You do not want to take your mug out right away but let it cool off a little before removing it. After the mug has cooled off you can take it out, wash it and then it is ready to use!

This is a super cute, personalized gift for family or friends that they can use and remember for years to come!

- e.b

How To

How To : Lazy Day, Boho Hairstyle

You woke up late, got out of bed, looked in the mirror, and… you got to be kidding me, a bad hair day. No time to shower either? Great. Perfect. Off to a bad start to your day already. Well here’s a fool proof, quick and easy hairstyle for one of those days where you rather just hind under a rock than let the cute guy who sits behind you in math class see how gross your hair is looking. Trust me, we’ve all been there.  But the solution is cute and effortless!


You will need:

  •  A headband (that wraps all the way around your head)
  • Bobby pins
  • Hairspray

PicMonkey Collage

Step 1.

The nice thing about this hair style is you don’t have to have perfectly smooth, curl-free, or knot-free hair, it works with all hair types and conditions! So to start just place your headband over top your hair but not quite overlapping onto your forehead. This is the time to position the headband where you want it to be for the finished look. Also, this is where you can change the feel of the look you are wanting to go for. You could dress it up for a formal occasion by using a jeweled headband of make it perfect for a festival by using a flower crown!

Step 2.

Next, twist the front sections of hair around your hair and tuck them under the headband. It’s important to do the front sections first to make sure they are secure and placed how you want them to look for the end result.

Step 3.

Now to want to take around 2 inch wide section of hair and start to tuck them around and under the headband. At this point you might think pieces of hair are falling out and that it is looking messy but we will fix that up in the next step!

Step 4.

Now bobby pin the back and front sections of hair by going underneath the folds you have made. Some of the bobby pins might be showing but that’s okay! Now just pull out some little pieces of hair near your face to create a messy look. I personally think this hair style looks its best when it’s not completely perfect. Lastly just finish off with a bit of hair spray and there you have a quick and easy boho up-do!


- e.b


Face of the Day #1



This is a quite and easy summer look that I have been loving this month! Like no joke this took me ten minutes and I’m known for taking a long time to do my face so that’s saying something!


‘Smashbox Photo Ready BB Cream’ in Light

‘Dior Shimmer Powder’ in Amber Diamond

‘MAC Eyeshadow’ in Expensive Pink, Wedge, and Woodwinked

‘MAC 217′ Blending Brush

‘Clinique High Impact Mascara’

‘Stila Stay All Day Eyeliner’

PicMonkey Collage

I can’t get enough of “light-feeling-on-the-skin” products right now! This BB Cream is really the way to go for those hot and sticky days where you can”t even bare to think of the feeling of a heavy foundation on your face, that’s why this product is perfect because it gives a little more than a light coverage, isn’t heavy at all, and has SPF 35!  Who doesn’t love a bit of highlighter… like come on just look at the beautiful CD shimmer compact. Just gorgeous on the skin. For the eyes I have been really loving warm browns, golds and pinks lately and MAC’s Expensive Pink eye shadow is all those summed up into one! It is my GO TO shadow this summer and is perfect to just swipe all over the lid and leave it at that but today I added a little more dimension with a matte and shimmery brown. To top it off I just loaded on the mascara and gave a quick winged, thin, line of liner to the upper lash line. Then just a little pink lip gloss to the lips and bam! All done!

I’m not even exaggerating… 10 minutes.

- e.b